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Alpha Lion's New Limited PWO of the Month launch

Alpha lion has committed to launching two limited edition flavors on the 3rd of each month. Today (3pm PST) marks the first Pre Workout of the month limited edition launch with the following:

- Super Human EXTREME in the flavor of CHERRY MAGUIRE which is a mix between Cherry & Juicy fruit. This formula is the same as 2020s X-Mas Supreme (Rudolph Rage) where they upped the Caffeine content & adding in a blend of Yohimbine sources.

- Super Human PUMP in the flavor of SWOLEBERRY LIMEADE which is Strawberry Limeade. No change in the formula here.

This first run was created to be mixed together for thet ultimate flavor experience they say. These will be limited runs an only available from Alphalion directly for 72 hours. If items do not sell out then Alpha will work to send the remaining units to select retailers.


Alpha Lion - Be SuperHuman | Alpha Lion

Alpha Lion Reviews:

SH BURN: https://youtu.be/VH88OFBWMbY

SH SUPREME XMAS: https://youtu.be/KP63-Nki4N4

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