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Crow teases New flavors!

Our friends the Crow Nutrition CEO shows they are testing new flavors for the Intrafast Mix. Strawberry Margarita and Sangria are shown in a recent post. Intrafast is a Intermittent Fasting drink mix meant to sip on during your fast to help provide you with energy & curb an cravings to keep you on track. Current two flavors already available are southern mountain gospel (Mixed Berry) & copperhead (peach/orange).

Head over checkout their products.

Where to buy:

CROW Nutrition Company – Crow Nutrition Co.


Intrafast: https://youtu.be/huxzLe_So1I

Rumble: https://youtu.be/8o2sscVwD_Q

CEO interview: https://youtu.be/zdKYRJ9e9lc

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