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Hypd Supps Releasing New FLAVORS!

From the team who created the YOLO & YOLO DARKSIDE pre workout they have some new flavors in store for everyone in two of their products.

First their R&R BCAA/EAA product is coming in the flavor of Tropic Acai. R&R is to help enhance Recover & Rehydrate while providing VASO6 in there for better bloodfloow.

Second in their PMV DARKSIDE comes two flavors Red Smash & Green Machine. These flavors are already a part of their Yolo & Yolo Darkside so will bring a more streamline way to utlize these products together. PMV Darkside is designed to produce an increase in muscle volume and power by delivering nutrients and blood-flow to your muscles for increased workouts. As a non - stim product it can be taken as a standalone pre-workout, or stacked with your favorite stimulant based pre-workout to increase workouts. For pumps you have 4g Citrulline , 750mg Nitrosigine, 4g Beta Alanine. For muscle volume you're getting 4g Glycerol Monosterate. Last for power there is 4g Betaine.

Be sure to check them out on IG for updates on these releases.

Find where you can buy:


Reviews on their products:

Yolo: https://youtu.be/uJOi1rmnl8k

Yolo Darkside: https://youtu.be/TjY_F3rJ3y8

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