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UXO Supps NEW Blueberry Cobbler Post ISO

UXO Supplements is back at it with a NEW flavor added to their POST ISO line in BLUEBERRY COBBLER. I will breakdown a quick overview of this product with our thoughts but be sure to head over to our YOUTUBE channel to see our full thoughts.

Full Review:


Product details:

  • Servings per container: 31

  • 27g of 100% Pure Whey Protein Isolate

  • Digestive Enzymes (Protease and Papain for super fast digestion)

  • 11.1G of EAAs per serving

  • 5.1G of BCAAs per serving

  • Less than 1g of Sugar and Fat per serving

  • Less than 1g of Carbs per serving


If you are a old school blueberry poptart lover then this may right up your ally. First when you mix it you will notice little dries blueberry pieces in your cup but quickly most of these tend to fall & settle to the bottle, which is a slight downfall. This ISO does not mixes very thick so if your looking for more of a milkshake type texure then you may need to add some ice or go a different direction. Now when mixed with Almond milk upfront you get a nice smooth blueberry taste but as soon as the dried blueberry pieces hit you mouth the flavor gets sweeter to that poptart comparison. Overall flavor was one of the best blueberry flavors we have seen done as of late.

Final quick thoughts:

Overall when looking at the supplement facts it is on par with most Isolates on the market now a days. So with this it really comes down to finding a flavor that will satisfy your cravings & again for me personally as a BLUEBERRY POPTART lover this is for me 100% because it is not too sweet but just right to give your stomach some satisfaction.

Where to buy:

Post Iso – UXO Supplements

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